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WALLENBERG NEWS On Jan 17, 2013 Canada Post announced that it will be issuing a stamp to commemorate and honour Raoul Wallenberg, Righteous Among the Nations.The issue date is exactly 28 years years since Canada posthumously bestowed honourary Canadian Citizenship on him. The stamp's release will conclude a series
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Item #: HTF016
Date: 14/04/2010
April 2010 saw Israel and Canada issue a joint issue commemorating 60 Years of Friendship.Today, Israel's best friend at the United Nations and on the world scene is Canada, represented by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who recently declared at a Conference on anti-Semitism held in Ottawa, that "Canada will always stand by Israel." The Canadian issue was limited to 60,000 booklets of 6 each. This FDC of the booklet was produced by us in a limited issue of 25 FDCs. No other booklets are available on FDC. Note that appx 1/4" of the FDC is cut off the image.

Item #: HTF015
Date: 14/06/2010
A truly beautiful Souvenir Leaf for this joint issue. Both Wiesenthal stamps are on this leaf with both flags in the background. Both stamps are canceled with a superb silver cancel (only available on the Postal Service produced items), including the Star of David Austrian cancel. A gem for all collectors, not only Israel or Holocaust related

Item #: HTF013
Date: 14/04/2010
A magnificent Herzliana item commemorating the 150th Ann of his birth.This sheetlet of 12 diff Herzl vignettes was issued in a limited quantity by the Israel Postal Services. The FDC is a Menorah cachet in a limited numbered issue of 500, and is canceled First Day with the same cancel that was applied to the Herzl issued sheetlet, issued on the same day.

Item #: HTF012
Date: 2006
An original handpainted designer's artwork (essay) by the designer of the actual stamp Aharon Shevo, signed by him in English and affixed with the actual stamp of Shevo's design and canceled First Day 25/07/2006. This essay (Sc # 1648) is of Rabbi Jacob Meir, born in Jerusalem, and appointed Chief Rabbi of Saloniki in 1907. Upon his return to Jerusalem he served as a Dayyan (Judge) in the Sephardi religious court, and in the 1930's was appointed together with Rabbi Abraham Kook as Chief Rabbis of Eretz Yisrael. As a unique item, naturally this is one of a kind. This item is 6-1/2" x 9-1/4" in size, and for collectors of Rabbis memorabilia, a superb item.

Item #: HTF008
Date: 09/09/2009
Sept 9, 2009 - centenary of the dedication of the Sofia Synagogue. A superb large label was produced in Bulgaria in the form of a Star of David, with each "point" showing this majestic Synagogue, in the center another Star and the words 100 years Sofia Synagogue in English, Hebrew and Bulgarian. This cover was produced by us in a limited issue of 20. It is canceled on the Ann date on the Sofia Synagogue stamp (Sc # 3671) with an additional stamp bearing the likeness of Ferdinand I who officiated at its opening.

Item #: HTF007
Date: 26/11/2009
Commemorating the founding of the first Yiddish Theatre in Romania by Avram Goldfaden, this Romanian sheetlet of 10 is on a superb Menorah cachet FDC issued in a limited numbered edition of 200

Item #: HTF006
Date: 14/08/2010
Superb joint issue FDC with both countries' sheetlets of 4 canceled First Day. Note beautiful Star of David Austrian cancel.
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